Lawn turf suppliers in Plymouth

Tim Jellicoe Turf is a Devon-based turf-grower offering a reputable and comprehensive turfing service in the South Devon area. As one of Plymouth's leading turf suppliers for over 20 years, Tim Jellicoe Turf are able to offer the finest quality lawn turf to Plymouth, Cornwall and across Devon.

Our seeded lawn turf is breath-taking. So much that it has built up such a good reputation across Devon and all areas. Our knowledgeable team work very hard every day to ensure our turf is produced and grown to the highest quality. We only use the highest grade seed and latest machinery to produce our garden and amenity turf.

Not only can we supply high quality lawn Turf in Plymouth but with our daily delivery service you can usually have your lawn turf freshly delivered to you within a few days of placing an order.

You can order our most popular lawn turf online but we do offer other seed mix varieties. Feel free to enquire about these options; just call our welcoming office and speak to a member of staff.

Call your local Lawn Suppliers in Plymouth now on 01548-570005 for more information.





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